Keep boundless and feel the Magic!

Hey! Know me as a deeply sarcastic fun-loving introvert, an observer, a traveller, a friend, a painter and soon to be a story teller. Well, a chemist by profession doing research on Cancer. To know me more you need to know about me first. 😉  Writing was never my thing, but one fine night I…Read more Keep boundless and feel the Magic!


An evening in the sky!

No memories to reap, And no promises to keep. Spend an evening in the sky! The best of fortune and an unsaid aim, Well, that's all a part of the game. Spend an evening in the sky, And you realize ; There is more, more than just flying and more than just trying. The calmness…Read more An evening in the sky!


And you did not know There was a monster in my life Since I was a child But you did not know. I was tortured every little while I was scared I was abused But you did not know. He did not have horns He did not wear a mask He looked like you So…Read more AND YOU DID NOT KNOW!

Piece of Me: Friendship and Adventure

     It was three years ago, my last day in Germany, I received a text being asked out for a coffee, unaware of the fact that I had a potential coffee buddy in town. But I am glad it happened. She made me feel special. Sharing the same office for half a year, her curiosity led her…Read more Piece of Me: Friendship and Adventure

Don’t Shop, Adopt!

 It has been a week now. Who would have known that he would cover miles, find a home, loving parents, cheesy meals and crazy friends? Until a month ago, he was so doomed and grifty, till they decided to adopt him. Adopt him, embrace him and name him.   "Simba!" They named him Simba.  …Read more Don’t Shop, Adopt!

An invite from the turquoise: A trip to Croatia

“And I am back with a bunch of newfangled memories, some sailing skills and a lot of sunburn.”   Tag along to know how it all happened, so placidly, very beautifully and a bit crazily. After spending a week in pure serenity and serendipity, I am motivated enough to share all the excitement and experiences. Have a…Read more An invite from the turquoise: A trip to Croatia

My Friend Murphy!

 With Murphy being my guiding light, I have been rewarded with surprises very often in life, because according to him, "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong". This year so far was no less than a roller coaster ride driving me a bit more crazy, way more clumsy and hopelessly ardent! I couldn’t catch…Read more My Friend Murphy!

You inspire me!

Yes, you the one there in blue, who has absolutely no clue about this exaggerated hue. Allow me to confess this to you, that you inspire me! For each little thing you do, inspires me... What makes you bold, the way you are cold; When you roar, or you are cramping, sore. Your beauty, your…Read more You inspire me!